Monday, December 31, 2007

Buffalo Grove Skate Park

My son wrote many journals which I am finding all over the house.

This following entry seems to resume letter he was writing.

This entry includes a short note with regards to the proposal urging The Village of Buffalo Grove to build a Skate Park.

"I graduated with the class of 2005 from Adlai Stevenson High School located in Linconshire, IL.

For me attending High School wasn't as big of a hassle that my friends made it all out to be. I am a very ambitious person and hope one day I shall open a "Multi Media" company.

In 2001, six of my best friend's and I decided to talk to our village about a new idea for our community. We proposed a skate park to be built next to the already standing Busch Park, an outdoor roller, hockey rink. In our minds the skate park was to be a positive reinforcement our town could rely on as a fun and safe place for our future generations to recreate.

The Village vowed they'd supply a grant to build this park so long as we obtained a certain percentage of signatures on a petition. We accomplished our goal. What a feeling that was.

This accomplishment turned into a burning ambition to get ahead in life.

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