Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Comment & Tributes about Jon

This email posted by one of Jon's Friends
He loved him very much...

Jon meant well in everything he did, and he always saw the glass half full.
Although instability did arise like dark clouds gaining ground. He was someone young and innocent that got pulled towards addiction; I guess that's why I'm angry.

I guess I'm angry as to wonder why this happens to someone like Jon. Jon was a very rational kid when I met him in high school, and always carried a straightforward logical kind of perspective on things.

He was very open and always lent a helping hand. The first time I had really met him and hung out was in Environmental science.

We were partners and hit it off right away. He always was a true keeper of the honor system between friends; much better than I at least. He would never say something negative, or ever be out to get his pal.

Every one of his friends would have saved him that night; and that's a fact. It isn't anyones fault for something so bad to happen, but people should look into how they relate to another.

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