Monday, February 18, 2008

I try each day to say thank you ~

I have had so much on-line support from the beginning, you have no idea how many email's and thank you' notes ~ I want and need to respond too!

Let's not talk about all the cards and help I received from real people that I have to thank.

I have 7 cards that I purchased in the beginning to send to 7 special people ~ those 7 special people will have to wait, as it is to difficult to find the words that are buried in my heart, it's going to take time to dig them out.

It is my duty as a mother, a friend, a human being to get this job done. It is part of the healing process at least for me - last night I emailed someone to obtain an address, to my surprise and humbleness, I received the following note back.

Please don't worry about sending me a 'proper' thank you...I should be thanking you.
I draw strength from those around me, and I have probably drawn more strength from you than anyone else.
I almost lost my child a few years ago, my child survived. I can't imagine what it would be like to walk in your shoes. Know that I love you, admire and respect you, and am so sorry for your loss.

**a friend of mine ~ that I have never met ~

I got my glass on Saturday along with a beautiful note from this awesome lady who is gonna have a baby ~ she told me it's the year of the RAT ~ She also sent me a book I shall treasure and pass along to the next who is in need ~ The Grief Recover Handbook ~

I am reading and reading well...

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