Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jon's Friends still miss him ~

1. It's still taken me some time to process all this..
I hope your soul is resting peaceful, John, and I'm sure the big guy upstairs will embrace you and show you the love that you've been looking for. I know we kinda fell off in the past, but you're in my prayers. May your spirit live on to learn, grow and teach. The laughter that you spread and the smiles that you created will never be forgotten. It's all love kid.

2. I cant believe this, I met you in like 6th grade, and you were one of the coolest guys id ever met man. I remember we couldn't hang out for some time because all we ever did was get in trouble together. just careless kids s***, and now everything got so damn different. I'm so glad i got to see you the other week, and now your not here with us. Man ill be missing you.
RIP my friend.

3. Jon I've known you longer than I have known most people. I was reminiscing about all the crazy things we did as kids and it made me laugh to think about how simple life used to be. I cant believe this has happened, truly I'm in shock. RIP buddy I know someday I'll see you again.
peace & ♥ always

4. Remember the first time we ever skated? We went to Vernon hills and skated with k*** and e***. Walmart rail, Rob's barn, u thrashed it skating. I remember skating downtown and you had b*** and just jumped on that handrail by union station. uncanny. gonna miss you bro.
skate on forever........

5. I cant believe it, I met you 7 years ago man. I'll never forget you man. you were one of a kind.

6. I still seem to catch my heart breaking and me loosing my breath every time i think about you too long or catch myself meeting your eyes in pictures...

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AdobeSol said...

Very Very touching. He was certainly a very special person. You were so fortunate to have those years with him.

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