Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Martha Stewarts Contest

I posted Jon's Link on Martha Stewart's Blog - with hopes that she may just pass by!

I grabbed the following directly from a fellow artist and friend ~ check out her blog too!

Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog

A blog dedicated to the creativity and the challenges of making and designing with handmade art glass (lampwork) beads.

Martha Stewart's Blog Contest

Martha Stewart is hosting a blog contest to teach her viewers about blogging. Go post a link to your blog, post a link back to the contest blog and you could be chosen to be featured blog. There are thousands of entries but you never know!

Here's the link to Martha's Blog .

And for all those newbies that this contest is going to bring to the blogosphere, a few words of advice:
1) Blog in the proper usage of your language. Slang is not fun to read.

2) Check your spelling and word use. Sure we all have an off moment but if you consistently use there when you mean their or then when you really mean than, people are going to think you are a dummy...rightly so.

3) If you start a blog, KEEP IT UP. I was shocked this week to find someone on a board I frequent was sending folks a post that was actually a month old. If you want to develop a following, you have to post and post and post. It's time consuming and in this busy world, it can start to feel like one more thing you HAVE to do instead of something fun.

4)If you want people to read your blogs, you have to read blogs. It's the age old writer's dilemma but it's true.

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