Thursday, October 30, 2008

Words of Comfort ~

You don't just know what to say do you? Trust me I totally understand this - but let me give you a few tips that may help you comfort not just me; but anyone in the same situation.

It is inevitable that during your life time, you will have a loved one die, it is the truth.
This is a fact!

Let's just hope it is not your child.

As I help you I help myself my experience and journey.

  1. Don't ignore the situation or change the subject. Tell me the truth, tell me how you feel.
  2. Ask me how I am feeling today.
  3. Don't compare the death of a person to the death of a pet.
  4. JUST DON'T compare at all. - it's doesn't fit the situation at hand.
  5. Try to answer my questions, if you don't have an answer, don't make one up just say "I don't know." I will understand.
  6. Don't ask me a million questions - unless I want you to. Believe me I will tell you.
  7. Invite me to do fun things. (I think you can figure this one out!)
  8. Stay with me quietly when I am sad or feeling lonesome ~
  9. Don't watch the calendar to see how fast I am grieving. That calendar you are watching does not exist!
  10. Understand this never goes away, send me a hug via email, poke me on face book. If you happen to stop by just give me a hug.
  11. Sometimes, the fact that you know others just think about you makes you get through the day!

That's my story today, and I am sticking to it!

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