Monday, June 15, 2009

A dragonfly stopped by!

Late afternoon is the perfect time for me to take pictures this time of year. The weather conditions and sunshine was just perfect.  

I read somewhere ~
I had this dream last night ~
I saw him in the morning when I woke up ~
I saw him as I opened the car door ~
I was just taking pictures ~
This was no accident ~
This little dragonfly stopping by ~

The dragonfly is a creature of water symbolically she deals with thoughts, dreams and intuition, A sign of a balanced mind within  two realms of thought.

The dragonfly skates across the surface of the water which is symbolic of our “highest most thoughts” the daily, surface thoughts that primarily keep us going.
But, she knows she is on the edge of a vast watery depth of endlessly profound and potentially life-altering thoughts:

The thought process has begun, it is virtually the beginning of my endless about of energy to express the knowledge I have gained this past year and 1/2. 

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