Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Doc Keller,

Life just happens when you least expect it to. Death does too, but you know this all to well.
I can't imagine what your life is like. I honesty would not want to be in your position, as I am sure you would certainly not want to be in mine.

I was quite shocked today when I read the Daily Herald article. "Dr. Richard Keller won't seek re-election in 2012." Politics has been interfering with his responsibilities and outreach efforts......

I have to apologize as my daddy told me never to talk about politics!
So if the readers of my blog need to know more they can click here article -By Russell Lissau

I will tell you a little story though, my third week into my senior year in high school my chemistry teacher asked me if I had enough credits to graduation if I dropped his class. "Why do you ask?" I said. His response - "We alrighty then, do yourself a favor drop the class, when your grade report comes and you get an "F" it will affect your grade point average!"

So, I ran straight to the office and dropped the class. It was 10:30 AM; yes in the morning.
I went and got myself a job at 17 years old. Nope never went to college to become that Nurse I wanted to be, instead I worked full time everyday up until 2005.

Yes, life does just happen ~ for the good or the bad, for the right and for the wrong.

I am a survivor of my life.

You as well Doc Keller will survive this choice you have made. I respect your decision and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping take care of my son. Yes, and all the the other boys too.

I will continue my journey helping the only way I know how, as I was taught.
Be good to others and they shall be good to you.

You are a wise and honest man, I respect your decision. Life is to short, do what you need to do.
It's so late and I am so tired - I think I'll finish this in the morning!

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