Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eric Carle's Dragons Dragons & Other Creatures That Never Were.

Special Stories within the books of his belongings!

Mermaid Undersea

Beneath the waters
Green and cool
The mermaids keep
A swimming school.

The oysters trot;
The lobsters prance;
The dolphins come
To join the dance.

But the jellyfish
Who are rather small
Can't seem to learn
The steps at all.

"Marchette Chute"

As I stumbled through that first day back home deciding to organize his belongings; the story above was marked in this book by him.  My desire to seek the truth shall never stop. I shall continue to heal as I speak my peace. You may think I am wrong you may think I am right, this is your choice. This post is my own an interpretation, my opinion of the thoughts the feelings my son had within his soul.
"that only a mother could know"

If you look up the definition of a jellyfish you will find a wealth of factual information, stories, quotes, books, pictures and much more.
This is what I found, this is what smacked me upside the head!
Taken from:
Medusa-Truth he makes an appeal to Maya-Lie."
—Jack London, The Mutiny of the Elsinore
"The profoundest instinct in man is to war against the truth; that is, against the Real. He shuns facts from his infancy. His life is a perpetual evasion. Miracle, chimera and to-morrow keep him alive. He lives on fiction and myth. It is the Lie that makes him free. Animals alone are given the privilege of lifting the veil of Isis; men dare not. The animal, awake, has no fictional escape from the Real because he has no imagination. Man, awake, is compelled to seek a perpetual escape into Hope, Belief, Fable, Art, God, Socialism, Immortality, Alcohol, Love.
My son was not heard, my son would not speak... his decision to journal his life was his choice. Yet that next tomorrow never came.

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