Monday, August 30, 2010

Courage, Change & Acceptance

A day of courage, a day of change for me, the fact that Jonathan is not coming home for dinner tonight, he isn't going to call me, he won't be poking me on Facebook from his computer downstairs and he won't be saying. "I love you "Ma".

I don't have to accept this fact, I just have to learn how to live with this fact.
Two things I have found today that may just help parents with children, teens, young adults that have issues with alcohol and drugs. An entire community and a wealth of information can be found here -- I thought I would share this post I found.

"We’ve heard that necessity is the mother of invention and that change emerges when you can’t keep doing something the same way.  Mental balance is sometimes that necessity.  Positive change and acceptance are more than just talking and coping.  It’s not necessarily as complicated as it sounds.  Change in context to acceptance is powerful and it takes courage to break through the destructive patterns that are in the way.  Change is born of courage. Acceptance is what we give something we know we are powerless with.  Wisdom is knowing that difference.  In a nut shell, that’s the serenity prayer.  It has served those impacted by the actions of an addict as much as it has any addict." 
August 17, 2010 Intervene Blog Post - read the rest of the story
"You see a mother should not loose a child, it changes her life forever."
Intervention I found out this show was going to air this evening.. May "God" bless this family.

"Tormented as a child and viewed as a failure by his father, Joe turned to getting high as a way out at an early age.

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7:00 PM on A & E TV August 30th 2010

3 inspiring comments:

Anonymous said...

{{{hugs}}} Yes changes her life forever .....:(

Anonymous said...

Funny- I just checked out your son daughter was just getting into it, yeah I had a lil tomboy! I met a friend online, his son is friends with Tony Hawks son Riley so they would skate often and were neighbors, he then ended up going on skate park tours with tony hawk, anyway my friend was able to send Lizzy a signed deck personally to HER and a picture to HER, a bunch of skate clothes and a complete board....a very happy day for her. I sometimes think that if she wasn't such a tomboy she might still be with us....but I wasn't going to change who she was :[ Anyway we put her signed deck on her casket , she loved it so much :[

vonna said...

I was able to get in touch with Tony Hawk about doing something for the kids. He was the kindest man. Told me if I ever needed anything to just email him. When we had the petition for the skatepark up (I think it still is up) log story... but, we emailed "Weezer" Elliott Smith the guys that got back to me posted a bulletin and we received over 600 signatures that weekend.

I think I shall go to bed dreaming the two of them are are having a blast skateboarding together in heaven..

They would of been good friends.

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