Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

Could it be possible that maybe my destination on this new journey is to help other not necessarily "like in kind". Just bringing factual information, events from organizations, people bigger than I can ever be. If they can make a difference than why can't I pay it forward for them? You see, I have days that I sit wonderment of what shall I do next, what should I eat, should I, could I; YES, yes I can do it.

November is not so much a good month for me as soon it will be three years.
Gone he has been gone three years. I have my good days and I have my drop down "UGLY" days.
Just like any other mother who has lost a child.
You don't go get over it, you go through it.

Back in 2006 I had a website with a friend dedicated to designing and creating adoption awareness handmade jewelry for "The Dave Thomas Foundation" and "Wendy Wonderful Kids" through The Dave Thomas foundation donating the proceeds to these children. I donated my time to a wonderful organization in Wisconsin working with great woman. "Adoption Resources of Wisconsin"

"You could save a life and possible change yours"
In the United state over 114,000 plus children are in foster care, and they are waiting for good homes and a loving family. These children have been removed from their homes for so many reasons. Children of child abuse, abandonment, neglect, or just thrown out on the streets.

I found this poem it made me cry....
My Pillow
As I lay on my pillow
with my eyes shut I think
and wonder while I dream.
I lay on my pillow as I get beaten
my body sore and I’m in pain,
As I lay on my pillow
I think about the future and what it holds.
As I lay on my pillow I think about where
God is going 2 send me.
I lay on my pillow dying from stress that a young girl shouldn’t have.
My pillow is full of tears. Asking God am I safe.
Lying on my pillow I cry because I want mom.
Wondering where is she.
As I lay on my pillow I fade away slowly but surely!
Lying on my pillow
As an angel!! --Thelma Gafford. 7/13/06
The above poem taken from "
Our Voices Cook County Public Guardian"

Friday November, 19, 8:00 am
10201 W. Watertown Plank Rd.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A celebration event for the families who are having an adoption finalization at the
Children's Court Center (Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center)).
Breakfast brunch will be available for the families as well as other activities such as coloring and other. Backpacks stuffed with toys, books and blanket and other gifts for the children being adopted.

An statement from a friend to me:
(It isn't all about me, it is about people giving back and paying it forward)

Vonna is Hero Today
She (like many others here) is a true & loyal friend.
She listens to me whenever I need to vent or cry or even scream & she always calms me down enough to see things clearly.
It doesn't matter how much time has passed between our contact with each other,
our friendship never falters.
She never fails to make me laugh.
She's not afraid to yell at me when I need it (lol) and she gives advice with a gentle heart.
She's trustworthy and her word is her bond.
I love you Vonna.
And I am so very glad that you are my friend. ♥

I never thanked her.. Now I do!

You can donate for adoption and just by a cute bear too!

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