Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Words of a Friend ~

Posted by a friend of Jon's - who loved him too..

Jon was always the one in high school to goof off and not give a f*** what anybody thinks, or so it seemed. Its possible that he needed more love than he was given. if you were sad, Jon would take you in, say something sweet and tell you not to worry. and then make a funny face or drop a corny joke. the system got him, the f**** system forced Jon to grow up way too fast, and then he lost himself within it.

We remember Jon for the laughter, love and depth that he spread to us all.

Don't worry, things like this happen to great souls like Jon's to give us a new perspective on life. his soul is free now, not tied down by the American justice and currency system, and there is no one standing in front of him in a room full of people telling him right from wrong. he can find his own path back to happiness and peace. after all he's been through, he deserves it.


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