Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jon's Friends ~ My Response

***- that was beautiful ~ *** thank you for posting your thoughts.

You all are connected & share a common bond now ~ Jon is gone ~ but lives inside each and everyone of you. Your duty to yourselves is to learn to cope with your feelings, learn to cope with the loss of your "friend". U need to communicate with each other, speak, explain to each other how you are dealing with this tragedy. Speak out like *** has ~ speak up like *** ~ this will begin your healing process. Get angry ~ get pissed off ~ get it OUT! Everyone grieves in different ways, but as you communicate amongst yourselves, you shall move on through the grief process & get to the great memories you have of Jon. I cannot possibly understand how you feel, as you cannot possibly understand how I feel. I have lost a part of my soul. I am Jon's mother ~ Jon was my son ~ children are not suppose to die before their parents.

I have started a blog for Jon ~ www.jdmachope.blogspot.com ~ with hopes of updating this my website which will be completely dedicated to everyone that has to deal with such a tragedy as this.

~ please feel free to post your comments ~ on his blog ~ I will publish them ~ as I am hoping someone will pass by & start their healing process as they read, realizing they are not alone.

Momma Mac ~ U can officially call me that!
I am hugging all of U ~

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