Monday, March 3, 2008

In good times & bad times, this is what Friends are for!

Dear Vonna,

My DH, will be just fine, it will just take a long time for him to recover.

I am so glad that you are taking a short trip to a warm place. I think it will do you good to be with people that you enjoy being with and that also enjoy the same thing as you do.

I understand what you are saying about family, but don't loose hope. They are big enough to take care of themselves especially when you need a break.

As you know everyone grieves differently; it will take a long time for the sting to decrease. Be around positive people that will encourage you.

I know that you miss Jon. He was a huge part of your life. It is a big hole in your heart that will never heal completely.

Your voice will be heard, if it doesn't happen the way you want, it may be in another way. You just don't know right now. Something good will come from this sad time.

Love ya,

I dedicate this to you my girl friends ~ So g/f's who is who! Laughing I am!

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