Sunday, August 17, 2008

~4 your sister~

She has left 4 college 2 follow her journey~

~your house is a very special house~

you have left our house today ~
you have left to begin a new journey today ~
you have learned to be the survivor you are today ~
you have wisdom to know what is right from wrong ~
you have strength to confront whoever comes before you~
you have talent that will take you far~
you have confidence in who you are ~
you have the will to work hard now ~
you have courage to face fear ~
you have values to make the right choices ~
you have a future full of happiness & success ~
you have a mother and father who love you ~
you have a very special house that will always be your home ~

~we both love you~
mom & dad
(copyright) vonna maslanka

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