Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cynicism is an unpleasant way of telling the truth! Lillian Hellman

I am looking for a "Coach Handbag" and authentic "Coach Handbag" cheap - or should I say inexpensive for use of better terminology. I like to collect purses, you could say I have an addiction to purses!

As I searched the Internet I stumbled upon a forum a purse forum, an entire community that has millions posts in tons of informational threads.

Imagine a world and entire community just talking about purses, where to buy them, where to get the best deals, who to deal with, who not to deal with, the reviews, the statistics, the old & the new.

You need a purse fix, that certain brand name you just have to have, need to know what a fake purse looks like, it's all right there on this purse forum.

Prices keep going up - it truly is discouraging to tell you the truth. In order to get high quality that will last a life time, you are going to have to pay through the nose these days -

Almost, everyday I visit Dr. Keller's' blog, just to see what he is posting. I find his blog is well worth the read, and I actually start to worry about him when I do not see him post for a few days. I worry that he is too busy, this saddens me.

I did a little digging, and a little coping and pasting ~

Purses, drugs ~ prices going up ~ interesting yes?

The price of a gram of cocaine in the US soared 89 percent -- from $96.61 dollars to $182.73 dollars -- from January 2007 to September 2008, while the purity decreased 32.1%, from 67% to 46%.

Heroin is readily available in most large metropolitan areas and, increasingly, in some suburban and rural markets throughout the country, the abuse of heroin is increasing among young adults in a number of suburban and rural areas.

The Abuse of prescription narcotics as a precursor to heroin among adolescents is an emerging concern to law enforcement and public health officials.

…cocaine purity dropped during the same period from 67 percent to 46 percent

To increase profitability suppliers cut potency by mixing it with a wide variety of other substances -- an often dangerous practice.

Nonetheless key to remember: Cocaine kills, there is no safe amount of cocaine, you never know what you are getting/buying.

So now you have to spend more to die high; or maybe not quite high, if the amount is enough to kill you (or the adulterants a poisonous enough), but not quality cocaine enough to get a buzz on for you.

I don't think I need that purse anymore!

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Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed this entry. and i also really felt a connection with the line "so now you have to spend more to die high".

so sad about all of these kids passing away from drug abuse. if only they knew they could feel high by solely living life and embracing the small wonders and joys it has to bring every day. id much rather be completely spontaneous and move far far away without telling anyone to do something completely out of the ordinary than go somewhere else in my brain by using a drug... and then not being able to come back at all.

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