Friday, February 20, 2009

He's one smart Cookie ~

Get to know the coroner ~ oh, so unconventional ~
So I was out of town - but now I am back ~ :)

Selbo: You were just re-elected in November to a second term of office. What would you like to accomplish in the next four years that you did not accomplish during your first four years?

Keller: Well, and it's really kind of started already. I want to get into even more schools and talk to even more kids. The schools in the area have had pre-prom events historically. That's when they would have the coroner come talk to the school. But I think that you really need to get in there repeatedly and frequently. And so what I've done is gotten a lot of my staff involved as well, and we're really getting into the schools now and classes and driver's ed. So we're getting in there repeatedly and then special programs that we're able to get put together. In order to be able to teach a teenager something you need to do so repeatedly and a little bit different each time, so it really starts to sink in.

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