Monday, March 2, 2009

Words of Wisdom

As of late, I have connected with a few friends from my past ~ a past of the carefree days where my friends & I had freedom with structure~freedom without fear, freedom with hope that our future would be secure ~
I received an email from one of those friends today that I would like to share with you ~ it touched my soul ~ this made me think ~ as I grow old I think back to those days, those days are long gone ~ but the memories shall always be.
~ thank you my old friend for gifting me with your words today~

"I looked through some of the links on your site. ~very insightful~!

A few of my friends passed early due to struggles with booze and or drugs. I also have a few others who managed to turn their life around.

What I have learned is you can only help those ready to accept a helping hand.

Some have a hard time accepting help, either from pride or pain, either way everyone has to reach a point where they must go one way or the other.

Everyone who cares for them hurts if they go the wrong way.

I like to think of help, like giving a gift; there is has much honor in giving a gift as receiving one. For they are both equal... one is not possible without the other"
author undisclosed ~

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