Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jon's Friends ~ Post #2

I feel this note is very well written and expressed as having the greatest sympathy for a lost friend. Its true the end of Jon's life was a downward spiral, tragic that he couldn't help himself, and tragic that others weren't there to intervene in his habits enough to save him.

Knowing that Jon was to pass away, everyone one of his friends would have been there to save him that night. Tho tragedy strikes like lightning, but you pay attention you'll see the forewarning darkness in the distance.

For Jon some may have seen this darkness but didn't yell loud enough, or decided to turn there backs hoping the clouds cleared in time.

I think to be angry is the exact sentiment one should have towards Jon's passing. I know I'm angry, not towards anyone person or persons, but for the fact that someone young and innocent got caught in the pull of addiction. I believe he wasn't shoved to the outskirts, but drawn to the outskirts by something that plagues the human race.

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