Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well I went and did it ~

I contacted the Oprah producers to see if I could get some help with regards to helping others through me - especially the children. Let's just hope they don't run with my idea as I did not give up to much in writing them. I just don't want to get burned, like I have in the past with my idea's.

The sun is out, but bitter cold outside. "HOW COLD IS IT YOU SAY" -
Just Too Cold for me............

Wish me luck with getting them to contact me back.

I know in my heart my Jon is not gone, the memories, the friends of his I see ~ the little things ~ he does lives on.

The petition is in the works to name the Skate Park after him, I should be able to get this done today.

One last thought ~ dream a little dream 4 me ~
Smiles 4 the day ~ mom

Another last thought - for those of you who try to force yourself before you are ready to do something you don't want to do - don't do it - grief takes time!
The loss of a child can be incomprehensible to some, even yourself.

I went to the book store on a mission today, I purchased the book I wanted. Strolling down the isles I of course got distracted ~ Drinking my Grande Breve Latte ( which I really can't afford ) from Starbucks and yes I can make it myself - see off topic I go again ~

"How a Person Dies" ~ not a good book for me to read at this stage of my grief, as the coroner hasn't come up with results yet.. my imagination left me filled with tears and sadness today.

Where am I now, laying in bed typing in the blog - resting my back as, yes I am such an Idiot for going outside in below zero weather which aggravated the arthritis in my spine.

Some of you may have heard me say this before, what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger.. Growl - here me roar!

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