Sunday, June 29, 2008

~My kids ~ I love them so~

Dear Momma,

So your daughter texted me a few times today telling me about dashboard confessional (me and Jon's band) and I got jealous!! Ha Ha! I was supposed to go with was us against the world dammit! I'm so proud of her. She seems like shes doing well and staying positive and strong. So I wanted you to know that I'm proud of you too momma, you're a fabulous momma so don't ever think different. I love you oh so much.

And you know that I love Jonathan and "K" with all my heart too. You all will never leave me. We're family and family sticks together through whatever.

I had a dream about him a few days ago and all I remember was waking up happy. I was partially sad yet smiled and felt relieved. It was as though he was there telling me that every things good. I have a song from Mariah Carey that I dedicate to him from me. It's kinda sad and comforting at the same time...weird...but completely tells my story.
It's called Bye Bye.

I love you Vonna momma. MWUAH!
I should be back soon to give you a real hug.



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